See a product you like?

It’s yours free in exchange for facebook invites OR likes!


1. Invite all your friends at once on a computer


2. Invite your friends manually on a phone


You will receive $5 credit for every 50 invites.  

Once you have emailed the screenshots to us we will email you back with the amount of $ credit you have and you can then begin shopping for free.

When you check out, we will match your name and email and then deduct the purchases from your credit balance.  

If you have a remaining balance, we will also email you to confirm your outstanding credit amount.

Please Note:   Credit is not transferrable between customers.

How to Invite All Friends at Once on a Windows Computer

Step 1

Type Alleviate into the Facebook search bar

Click on the Alleviate page 

Click “invite friends to like this page”

Step 2

Click “select all” friends

Step 3

Click “send invites”

Step 4

Next go back and click on “invite friends to like this page“ again 

Now it will display the amount of friends who have been invited

Step 5

To screen shot the invites, hold “ctrl” and then press “prt sc” on your keyboard (this will take a screenshot)

Open the program paint

Hold “ctrl” and press “v” –  this will paste the screen shot into paint

Save this screen shot and email it to or email it via the upload form which is displayed at the bottom of each product’s purchase page

How to manually INVITE friends on a Phone:

You will get $5 credit for every 18 friend invites

  1. Sign into Facebook

  2. Type Alleviate in the search bar and click search

  3. Make sure that you choose the correct Alleviate page

  4. Click “invite friends to like this page”

  5. Click invite for each friend.  A quick method is to login to facebook on a computer and choose “select all” to invite all friends at once

  6. Do a screenshot and email it to us or upload it using the form provided on each product’s purchase page

  7. Each screenshot will have a certain amount of invites on it
    (on an iPhone, one screenshot can have 9 invites)

  8. You will be credited for all your invites.  Any excess credits after an exchange can be used towards other free products for an unlimited time.

How to screenshot LIKES

You will receive $5 credit for every friend you can get to like our page

  1. Sign into Facebook on a computer

  2. Type Alleviate in the search bar and click search

  3. Make sure that you like the correct Alleviate page.

  4. Once liked, it will come up with the page and say liked

  5. Hold “ctrl” and press “prt sc”

  6. Open the free program called “Paint”

  7. Hold “ctrl” and press “v” to paste the screenshot into paint

  8. Save the file and upload it to the Alleviate Thriftshop website via the upload form which is displayed at the bottom of each product’s purchase page, or email it to –

  9. To get additional likes you will need to ask your friends to like the page and send you the screenshot of their profile having liked the page

*Please note that only legitimate facebook pages will be accepted

How to choose the “EXCHANGE” option:

This is how to use the free credits you have earned

  1. Select the exchange option in the shopping cart

  2. Upload snapshots of the required invites OR likes to the form below the item or to

  3. In the shopping cart choose either paid postage or free pickup

  4. You will receive an email to confirm that your snapshots are validated 

  5. The email will also state if you have remaining credit for future use

  6. The item will be posted on confirmation of funds for postage  OR

  7. You can arrange to pickup your item from the office in Mitchelton